Thursday, March 8, 2012

Almost Spring

Spring is officially twelve days away, but today sure gave us a little taste.  Is was beautiful.  In the mid 60's.  Sun shining.  We're expecting rain after tomorrow, but for today it felt like Spring.  Here are some very early signs of Spring around our place.  I believe the pink flowers are a Flowering Quince.
 It's always the first things to blossom every year.

These tiny new little buds are from our Pear tree.

That's about all we have blossoming or starting to bud right now.  Not even the Daffodils are blooming yet, but they're getting close.

The cats were out enjoying the sun.  Here's Emma.  Rolling around being Emma.

And Grey Stripe.

Here is a picture of our side pasture.  Look at that blue sky!

And of course here's the horses waiting for lunch.  It's so hard to get two horses in a picture where both are somewhat still, have their ears forward,  and at a good angle.  And look at how dirty Skyler is.  She's hopelessly muddy.

Oh, and here's our hens, Lucy, Ethel, Poachy, Maria, Ruby, and NoName.

Looks like there's a couple of eggs that need to be brought in.

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood!!


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  1. How I miss those days of letting the horses out on a fine spring morning, hearing the pounding hoofs as they delight in the freedom, and then watching them sniff out the perfect place to roll. And then the nap, all stretched out in the sunshine - simply divine! One of my horses, Woodrow, would allow me to lay right along with him, my head cradled in his neck, or shoulders propped up against his back. Springtime is wonderful! It is so refreshing and delightful to read your posts about such moments as these - the best ones that can be had! Thanks for sharing!



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