Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Creating a Household Notebook

Have you ever felt totally disorganized.  Things are not getting done, meals aren't happening,  laundry's dirty, house is a mess.  When this happens I feel out of sorts, lacking energy, and just not good about life.  So this month I'm on a mission to get clean and organized.

So today my project was to put together a Household Notebook.  A Household Notebook puts all your "stuff" together in one place.  Your ideas, plans, goals, information, routines.  All that stuff that's floating around either on your desk or in your head.  And you can put anything you want into your Household Notebook.  Whatever helps you to get your life together.

My categories may not be the same as yours.  And mine may change as I use it.  I may need to add something or maybe combine some things.  That's the nice thing about using a binder.  They are easy to change.  Here are the categories that I put in mine Notebook to start with.

Routines: I'm still working on this one this week.

Lists:  This is just a place for all of my lists.  Things to do now or in the future.  Ideas.  Lists of whatever.  I'm a list person and seem to have a lot of them.

Cleaning:  This is a place for cleaning lists.  I have my Shaklee cleaning pages and some Martha Stewart Cleaning Checklists.

Goals:  This is where I write out some of my monthly goals.

Meal Planning:  This is where I have any meal planning things that might be helpful along with meals plans.  This is something I really need to work on.

Health & Fitness:  Any information on Health & Fitness. Eating right. Exercises. Stuff like that.

Home Maintenance:  Some more Martha Stewart Checklists and some forms for home and car maintenance.

Gardening:  Here I have some monthly information from OSU Extension Service.  This is also where I'll put garden info once Spring gets here and I'm able to start planting.

Blogging:  Here I have blogging stuff.  Ideas, info,etc.

Homeschool:  Homeschool forms, ideas, contacts.

Financial:  This is just for account and policy info.  I have another binder that I use for Bill Paying.

Medical Info:  This is for insurance, doctor, and medication info.

Internet:  This is for websites, usernames, and passwords.

There is quite a bit of stuff.  Some gets used more often than others.  But it's handy to have it all in one place.  I also have file cabinet for permanent storage stuff. A Household Notebook is for info and often used stuff.  And it's fairly large so it is not meant to leave the house.  That would be where a planner would work.

Here are some of the websites I've used for forms.

Life...Your Way  A lot of really great printables for just about everything.
Martha Stewart  Need I say more.

My next steps are to write out my routines,  fill out forms, and work on meal planning. 

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  1. I started a note book this fall, in an effort to get homeschooling more organized. Since then, I've added them for a number of things. In fact, I have a shelf of notebooks now and really enjoy using them. They just make me feel organized, even if I'm not always so! :-) Great information in your post - a few things that I haven't added to a notebook yet... thanks!



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