Monday, March 5, 2012

Horse Fun

We had beautiful weather this weekend.  Warm and sunny!  So I decided to get the horses out in the arena for a little bit of play time.  Here's Chase being very photogenic. 

Enough of that!  Here's some action shots of Chase having fun.

My camera couldn't keep up with him.  But then he settled down and we did some groundwork.  He definitely needs some refreshing, but he did pretty good.  

Then we got Skyler out.  She's not as photogenic as Chase, but she is so sweet and respectful.  

And muddy.  I keep her blanketed to minimize the mud.  Right now just her head, neck, and legs are muddy. But after Jessica worked with her we got her cleaned up.

Both of them have their winter coats and are pretty fuzzy right now.  And they're starting to shed.

Hope everybody else had some nice weather this weekend.  It was a nice respite, but today it's back to being overcast with a chance of rain.  But I know spring is just around the corner and the longer days are nice.

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