Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Barn Girls

These are the Barn Girls.  There's Abby.  Sweet, quiet, timid, and loyal.

She waits for me at the top of the hill morning, noon, and night and walks down to the barn with me and sits nearby while I feed and do barn chores.

Then at night after feeding and chores I turn off all the lights on one side of the barn and this is her signal that it's bedtime.  She hops onto her chair and waits for me to tuck her in.  Then I give her some lovin,say Good Night, and close up the barn for the night.  She's my girl.  Such a sweetie.

Then there's Emma.

She's very chatty (in a good way), very brave, and oh so soft and fluffy.  Even though she is considered a barn cat she can be found all over the place; on my truck, on the porch, my husbands workbarn.  She is the Belle of the Barn.  Everybody loves Emma.


And last but certainly not least is Gracie.

For some reason I only have but one picture of Gracie and it isn't a very good one.  I guess she's always off doing Gracie things.  She hangs out in the tack room.  Alot.  For some reason several of the male cats around seem to pick on Gracie.  I'm not sure why.  Maybe she is thumbing her nose at them in cat speak.  I don't know.  But she likes the safety of the tack room.

That's the Barn Girls.  We also have five other cats but that's for another time.  Yes, w are bordering on being those weird cat hoarder people, but we don't have rodent problems.  Only deer problems, but that's for another time also.


  1. Oh, what sweet kitties you have! (and you have another FIVE?! wow!!)
    It's funny, but I think my favorite pic is the one you say isn't good... Gracie is mid-stretch, which always makes me smile when I see my cats do this. It's such a happy and relaxed action.
    Your girls clearly love their home.

  2. I love that you don't mind "being one of those cat lover type people"... we too luv our feline late in life kids(kitties)...
    Like we say, 'A home is not a home w/o cat hair'...
    Great blog I'll be back for more 'fun on the farm'.
    >^..^< aka katmom



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