Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I'm Addicted

We upgraded our cell phones yesterday and I got a Smart phone. I feel smarter already.  Well, not really.   I feel lucky if I can figure out how to make a simple phone call.  It's good thing I have a teenaged daughter to instruct me.  But I did discover the game Angry Birds.  


And after my daughter downloaded it for me I am now addicted to it.  Seriously.  I got nothing done today.  But I'm getting really good at Angry Birds.  And that's an important skill, right.  OK maybe not, but it is fun.  And it's new and I hope the novelty will wear off soon because I think my family might need food cooked or something.  Well I'm off to go to next level on Angry Birds.  I have to keep my skills honed.

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