Sunday, February 26, 2012

Nibble Nets

We have been using these Nibble Nets for about six months now and I'm really liking them a lot.  It slows them down and keeps them eating longer which is better for their digestion.  And it seems that less hay goes to waste.

Chase never wastes hay. Ever.  He seems to like the challenge of getting his hay from the Nibble Net .  He's much more aggressive with his eating than Skyler.  She's more dainty.

I was hoping it would slow Chase down more than it has.  But it has slowed him down some. 

Skyler seems to waste less hay than she used to.

There's different ways to attach them, but here's how I attached the top.

And here's how I attached the bottom.

They seem pretty sturdy and are holding up well.  I got the double sided ones because I wasn't sure which size holes I wanted.  One side has slightly bigger holes that the other side.  Next time I would just get one with just the smaller holes.

But they are working out really well and I would recommend them if you're thinking about getting a slow feeder for your horses.

I have not been compensated by Nibble Nets in any way.  I just really like their product and would recommend it on my own experience with it.


  1. stopping by off the Hop! Please come to "The Redeemed Gardener" and follow along. I just noticed where you are from, my wife just got back from Mt. Hood, 2 weeks ago! Her brother got married there.

  2. These nets look like a great idea. I had horses growing up and they either scarfed down their hay or picked out the choicest bits and stomped on the rest. Wish I would have known about these. :)

  3. Love all the animals. I used to have horses when I was a kid and so did my husband. We are talking about getting them again. I love seeing horses out in a field. I just joined your blog. Hope you will join me at my new blog too. It's all about farm life, decorating, cooking, animals and lots more. Hope to see you there!!

  4. I love these! I will have to check into them for using on our trail/camping weekends. The horses waste so much at the hitching posts from pulling hay out of the hay nets or bags. It looks like I might have to be creative on how to attach them to a hitching post though. Did you find these on a website or in a store? Thanks!

    1. Ha! Nevermind :o) I just found the link you have above for the website, lol! They have some that will work great on the hitching post or trailer.



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