Monday, February 20, 2012

He's Back

This is Scar.  

This a picture of him on one of his better days.  The name Scar is quite appropriate.  We haven't seen him for about a week but that's not unusual.  He is a stray that adopted us.

He showed up this morning looking really battered with a large crook in his tail.  I guess he's been out cattin around again.  I wish I had a picture but he disappeared before I could get my camera.

When Scar first started hanging around our place he was very shy and skittish.  But eventually we won him over and now he's very sweet and affectionate.  The problem is, he usually has so many wounds and scabs it's not real pleasant to pet him.  I usually pet him with my barn gloves on. But he loves to be petted and rolls around and purrs.

I know I should load him up and take him to be neutered and cared for by the vet, but I just dread trying to do that.  He wouldn't take it well at all.  It could get real ugly.  Maybe I'll put it on Spring list of things to do.  Why do today what you can put off till tomorrow.


  1. I love all your kitties, how sweet and fluffy they are! What a wonderful place for them to have as home, a nice barn. So glad your new visitor has found a place to be loved.

  2. I see you're a new blogger, welcome! Your first posts are super!



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